Arm/Vest steadicam for DSLR and camcorder up to 3.9Kg


The SturdyVest is an arm/vest/sled steadicam which allows you to mount DSLR and camcorder up to 3.9Kg. Mmore professional feel and longer shot capability! The Sled is a more powerful SturdyCam with a double horizontal shaft and a 6 ball bearings metal universal joint. You can choose between Mono Arm and Double Arm. Each arm has 8 ball bearings for smooth boom shots. Joints between arms mounts radial bearings and thrust bearings too. Spring tension can be easily adjusted by user. A fine tuning completely absorbe heaving swayings caused by operator steps. Vest allows one axis adjustment of arm-to-body angle. It’s a rigid all-aluminum construction, sturdy and lightweight. A micrometric plate is included in the SturdyVest kit Sled.

  • 6 bearings metal Universal Joint

  • Double shaft Sled for more inertia/steadiness

  • Mono/Double Arm

  • One axis adjustment of arm-to-body angle

  • Micrometric adjustable spring tension

  • Made in lighweight and sturdy alluminum alloy

  • Compatible with Manfrotto/Giotto quick releases

  • Micrometric plate included for fine tunings


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Mono Arm

More compact, less heavy than Double Arm, Mono Arm is just great for all average shots in which an extended boom range isn’t required.

6 Bearings Universal Joint

The SturdyVest Sled mounts an extremly smooth steel universal joint. 6 ball bearings for steadiness on the 3 axis. External diameter is 20mm. no play between components which means shots without jitters.

Double Arm

The Double spring arm is able to greatly absorbe heaving swayings caused by operator steps. The 16 ball bearings allow extremly smooth boom shots on an extended range.