Slider for DSLR and camcorders up to 3.0Kg

sturdytrack slider 2
sturdytrack slider71

The SturdyTrack Slider is a small and lightweight camera slider that you can conveniently carry from location to location and maximize as many of your scenes as possible with fluid motion. You can set the slider on its feet or mount it on a tripod and glide your camera left, right, forward or backward can roll straight or in circle on any smooth surface. Trolley has a variable friction so user can set it depending on his needs. Custom lenghts are possible!

  • Black Anodized Alluminum Alloy

  • CNC milled/lathed wheels

  • 8 ball bearings (2 each wheel)

  • 50cm-75cm-85cm-100cm lenghts

  • Variable Friction Trolley

  • 1/4″ or 3/8″ tripod adapter

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