Universal cage for DSLR and mirrorless

sturdycage2 scaled

The SturdyCage is an accessory mounting solution for DSLR and mirrorless. It features multiple 1/4″-20 threaded accessory mounting points for available accessories. The design allows access to the battery compartment without removing the camera from the cage. The baseplate fits into a channel on the tripod plate, allowing you to adjust the balance of the cage on a tripod. The SturdyCage addons Shoulder Mount transform the cage in an adjustable shoulder/chest.

  • Rubbered  handles

  • 1/4″ threaded holes for camera accessoires

  • Compatible with tripod plates

  • Solid design for heavy rigs

  • Knobs for fast adjusments

  • Ready for shoulder/chest mount

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sturdycage spallareThe SturdyCage with Shoulder Mount allows you to keep your DSLR or camcorder fixed steady on your shoulder and will enable you to steadily maneuver the camera, while keeping it focused on a subject. The rig is highly effective, as it wraps tight around your shoulder and balances against your chest, thus providing fixed steadiness.