Hand held stabilzer steadicam for DSLR and camcorder up to 2.5Kg

SturdyCam 01b

Unlike vertical sled stabilizer (such as Glidecam and Flycam stabilizer), the SturdyCam arc design is the best option for a hand held use without arm and vest. Center of gravity is exactly on operator’s hand, so his wrist isn’t that stressed. The SturdyCam design got inspired by Garrett Brown’s Steadicam JR but it adds important features, like horizontal shaft, variable friction on pan axis which help a lot in action shots or shots in windy conditions.


  • Frictionless universal joint (Delrin/Brass)

  • Rubber antishock against vertical jitters

  • Variable friction on pan axis

  • Horizontal shaft to raise inertia

  • Compatible with Manfrotto/Giotto quick releases

  • Foam roll for wind shots

  • Lightweight Peraluman Arc and plate

  • Usable like shoulder rig

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The SturdyCam horizontal shaft allows you to add all the weight you need in order to get steadier results. More inertia means more steadiness, which is really important with lightweight DSLR. A charged horizontal shaft is also great for running shots or shots in windy contions.


The SturdyCam handle allows you to set friction on panoramic axis. in runnig shots a frictionless yaw axis can be annoying, so you need to raise friction. Adding metal-nylon-rubber washers on/under the Sturdycam pan bearing will make running shots much sturdier! Friction is also great in case of strong wind!

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Horizontal shaft and Variable friction kit are great tools against wind, but if it’s not enough you also can use the Wind Foam Absorber. Just sorround the Sturdycam u-joint with it and you’ll be much less sensible to wind!

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Unlike all the others hand-held stabilizer, the SturdyCam can absorb vertical shocks parallel to z axe (axe going up to the sky). Vertical jitters (evident in walking shots, extremely evident in jumping and running shots) are greatly absorbed by a high density foam “pillow” placed just under the universal joint. You’ll get smooth jump and running shots.

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The SturdyCam is compatible with Manfrotto or Giotto quick release plates. You will need more weight at the bottom since a quick release raises center of gravity.


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