For L/R Steadiness

1) Keep the Sturdycam handle vertically!

This is really important to avoid left-right swaying. If you don’t keep the handle vertically, the golden bearing under the SturdyCam universal joint won’t work properly. On the contrary, if you hold the handle vertically all your wrist mouvements will be absorbed by golden bearing under the universal joint!

2)Add some lubricating oil drop in the SturdyCam universal joint hole.

So even if you forget to keep it vertically, lubrication will help you

3)Add more counterweights on horizontal shaft far from pipe

(then check again Drop-Time)

4)Make little steps keeping your legs as closed as possible

5)Add/Remove friction under/on the golden bearing. To do that you have to test different materials (steel, such as nylon, rubber or both) to set your friction degree:




Recommended for heavy cameras


really low friction


low friction

Recommended for lightweight cameras

and for heavy cameras (just for running shots and shooting in windy conditions)


medium friction

(just for running shots and shooting in windy conditions)

Each time you add/remove washers under/on the bearing, check that steel shaft is in line with the universal joint opening like in picture below!